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      • Customisable Models For Sale!
        I've decided to put a pair of rather special models on here. They're the Chaos Terminator Lord, and the new Empire General set, with the difference that they have had all their many arms painted and supplied in a kind of plug-and-play fashion.

        They're up for sale now, so ta

      • New Ebay Auctions
        I've put a load of new stuff up on ebay. The most recent things are below, but there's also a great deal of things already up there (see here)

        Now, onto the new stuff :
        30th Anniversary White Dwarf
        Limited Edition Ultramatine Standard Bearer
        Egrimm Van Horstmann
      • Welcome!
        Well, I've finally got round to updating my frontpage, from the horrible, dated 1998 netfirms joke that it was to this swish php effort.

        So, check out the gallery, and get commissioning me, world!