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  • 2013
    • April
      • New : Online Shop!!
        Rejoice! At long last our products are available in our brand new, shiny, wonderful Online Shop!!

        Everything you can see is available for immediate order, we'll be updating our stock all the time, and if there's anything you like the look of that we've already sold, just ge

  • 2011
    • November
      • Later this week....
        The next items up for sale will be mainly Imperial Guard focussed, with a fair bit of conversion and quite a few unusual or out-of-production models thrown in there.

        Tallarn Scounting Auxiliaries
        (including an officer on horseback, a stripped-down and stowed heavy bolter, and even a

      • Sale Part 2!
        The next chunk is a load of lovely Space Marine stuff, mainly focussing on Dark Angels, with quite a bit of extremely fancy conversion work :

        Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists
        Kantor Gallery

        Converted Deathwing Terminator Command Squad (This is

      • Christmas Sale!!
        Right, as it's getting to that time of year where it's almost impossible to move without running into a shiny decoration or getting tinsel up your nose, it's time for a big sale! Lots and lots of lovely items, old and new, converted and standard.

        The first tranche is a big

    • July
      • Ultramarine Phase 2
        More Ultramarines on Ebay; a veteran squad and a rather lovely Techmarine.

        Vanguard Veteran Assault Squad
        Vanguard Veteran Gallery

        Master of the Forge
        Master of the Forge Gallery

      • Ultramarines : First Wave
        Now available on Ebay, the first big chunk of Ultramarines stuff. This is all from the most recent release of Space Marine models, and they're really lovely things.

        Drop Pod
        Drop Pod Gallery

        Sternguard Veteran Squad
        Sternguard Gallery

    • June
      • Thanks for "Dropping" by?
        A pun, or play on words.

        Up for auction today, a rather nifty Ultramarines Drop Pod!

        More Drop Pod photos

      • Death Korps for Sale!
        Ladies and gentlemen, start your bidding! The last few days' Death Korps sets are now up on ebay for your perusal and purchase.

        Death Korps of Krieg High Command

        Regimental Commissar

        Veteran Engineer Squad

        Death Korps of Krieg Quartermaster & Reve

      • And you thought the Commissars were bad....
        Next up, the final squad of Death Korps soldiers, this time a bit of an extreme spin on the concept of recycling.

        This squad consists of that most-hated and feared battlefield figure, the Quartermaster and his retinue of servitors.

        Another gorgeously detailed Forgeworld set, it

      • "Hey look buddy, I'm an Engineer, that means I solve problems."
        "Not problems like 'What is beauty?', because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy."

        Presenting the next set of Death Korps of Krieg, shortly to be available for auction. This time round, it's a squad of battlefield engineers, led by

      • Back in Business!
        It's been a couple of years, a few home moves, and a hell of a lot of paint, but I'm back!

        Loyal followers and commission-buyers will know I've still be working away behind the scenes, and occasionally doing a spot of eBay work, but I've finally got things sorted out a

  • 2008
    • March
      • The Sale of Undeath
        The Vampire Counts items are all now on ebay. Get a-bidding, and you won't be disappointed.

        My ebay page is here, and the individual items are listed below.

        Dire Wolves
        Grave Guard
        Crypt Ghouls
        Skeleton Regiment
        Corpse Cart
        Konrad von

      • The March of Undeath
        It's been a while since the last update, but the painting's still going strong.

        There'll be a load of auctions in the not too distant future, as I've been painting the new 40k Ork range and the new Fantasy Vampires.

        Check out the albums in the gallery, and

  • 2007
    • August
      • Customisable Models For Sale!
        I've decided to put a pair of rather special models on here. They're the Chaos Terminator Lord, and the new Empire General set, with the difference that they have had all their many arms painted and supplied in a kind of plug-and-play fashion.

        They're up for sale now, so ta

      • New Ebay Auctions
        I've put a load of new stuff up on ebay. The most recent things are below, but there's also a great deal of things already up there (see here)

        Now, onto the new stuff :
        30th Anniversary White Dwarf
        Limited Edition Ultramatine Standard Bearer
        Egrimm Van Horstmann
      • Welcome!
        Well, I've finally got round to updating my frontpage, from the horrible, dated 1998 netfirms joke that it was to this swish php effort.

        So, check out the gallery, and get commissioning me, world!