Later this week.... 
The next items up for sale will be mainly Imperial Guard focussed, with a fair bit of conversion and quite a few unusual or out-of-production models thrown in there.

Tallarn Scounting Auxiliaries
(including an officer on horseback, a stripped-down and stowed heavy bolter, and even a Desert camo-wearing Commissar)

Lord Solar Macharius
(with a Praetorian Bodyguard and a first edition Commissar, and on a rather fancy base)

Cadia's Last Stand

(a diorama including the limited edition Cadian Standard, a wounded officer, and a set of special weapons)

Lord Commissar
(with some extremely fine detailing on his cloak and cuirass; a beautiful model in general)

Whiteshield Platoon - a lovely melange of Cadian recruits, all fresh-faced and with the distinctive Whiteshield markings on their armour. This potential army consists of three sets:

Whiteshield Regimental Sergeant Major
(converted from an old Engineer model, surrounded by his staff and wielding the most important weapon of all - his handlebar moustance!)

Whiteshield Junior Command
(the frontline command, equipped with melta and plasma guns, and a missile launcher, plus a medic for any unfortunate accidents)

Whiteshield Training Squadron (the whiteshields themselves, equipped with all manner of weaponry, some old, some new. One's setting up a mortar, one's lying on the ground in pain, another chap's wielding a flamer, and two of the recruits have got their hands on an old-fashioned Mars Pattern autocannon, emplaced behind a crumbling wall)

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